Yung6ix Revealed That There Will Be Many Young Billionaires In 2022 From Nigeria

Reason Why Nigeria will produce many young billionaires in 2022

Yung6ix’s real name is Onome Onokohwomo he is presently one of the most influential and desired-after rappers in Nigeria Yung6ix, is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist Yung6ix has revealed why Nigeria will produce billionaires in 2022, regardless of the country’s difficulties.

On Tuesday, the rapper made this known in a post via his Instagram account as he reacted to the current forex surge He pointed out that $ 2 million is now N1 billion, depending on the exchange rate that can be obtained in the market, adding that this will be of great benefit to young people who are currently investing in foreign currencies.

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Yung6ix’s added that there will be so many young Nigerian billionaires due to the current situation, starting in 2022 So currently 2 million in Nigeria is now 1 billion It is safe to say that there will be many billionaires in Nigeria starting in 2022.


In other news Cross who is a fitness trainer, he owns a fitness house. His hobbies include watching movies, playing the drums, traveling, and clubbing, Despite wanting to be in the top 3, Cross was the twenty-second housemate to be evicted during the grand finale. He was the 4th runner-up

Cross’s mother is Pastor Uji Grace Okonkwo while his father is the late Ezego of Ihiala.

Cross explained how his family was kidnapped following his father’s death, Cross, disclosed through an Instagram live session, said he was abducted alongside his mother and siblings and had to seek asylum in the United States to defend themselves.

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Cross while recounting the horrible experience he and his family passed through shortly after his father’s death, After my dad’s death we were kidnapped and they tried to kill my mother so she thought the best situation for us to be safe was to flee and seek asylum in a different country.

That revealed me to the ups and downs of life and molded me to be who I am today but I’ve recovered from the kidnap trauma, Cross noted that the trauma he faced while seeking refuge in a foreign country made him who he is today.

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