ZORA – Runnitup Lyrics

ZORA – Runnitup Lyrics (feat. Myia Thornton)

Bitch it’s me
Gimme the money you owe me or catch these hands for free
I aint gotta lie on my team
I aint gotta hide and go seek
No I got heat
We got beef
Ducking dodging
We gon see
Open your purse
I need receipts
Ima get that cash just
Give it a week, uh

Gimme the stacks
Gimme the racks
Bitch you a rat
Gimme the cash, that’s
30 40 50, you gotta
redo tha math
this shit is wack
open your bag
ima go get it and dash
I want the stash
i gotta take out the trash
I got my foot in your ass

Runnitup (x32)

Listen up here bitch
You know what it is
You know what it’s been
tryna ball out next year with friends
I’m tryna get rich
And splurge on my ken
So how bout you just pay me
my guy gon get the gat

Just hope it’s on safety
Looking at my time you keep on wastin’
Damn yo ima go crazy
I don’t make acceptions or no motha fuckin’ deals
my n***** gotta eat and i gotta pay bills
If you funny wit my money i ain’t fucking with you
I’m not playing with you dummy you know my rent is due, damn!

Runnitup (x32)

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