Zubi – Leave Me Lyrics

Zubi & anatu – Leave Me Lyrics

In my lonely and toughest fights
You never crossed my mind
In my darkest darkest darkest time
I never seek your light
Even in my hottest hottest hottest fire
I’ll never take your side
broken up broken up Inside
I will never tell you bye
In my deepest water see you with the life
I probably wait and die

Just leave me
Leave me be

In my wasted tears and wasted time
Am never there till 5
In my highest highest highest high
I will never want your type
If for oxygen I have to be nice
I never tell you hi
I heard you planned the ambush in the night
While I was walking by
Then you seat with me pretend that your my guy
Am taking heads and eyes for eyes

Just leave me
Leave me be

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